So maybe being psychic isn’t so great after all. Now now hear me out. Sure being able to see what’s coming on the next exam or being able to reach that object that’s just soooooo far (literally 2 inches from your fingertips. Reach you lazy bastard) with just the power of your mind sounds great. Hell even I’d love to teleport out of EVERY AWKWARD SITUATION EVER. But let’s take a moment here. This summer season of anime had characters such as Kusuo Saiki and Shigeo Kageyama (aka Mob), from Saiki Kusuo no psi-nan and Mob Psycho 100, who display tremendous psychic abilities. They also show the truth behind the hassle of having these powers.

Take young Mob. As a child growing up, he quickly discovered just how powerful he is as a psychic. He also realised that his abilities are linked to his emotions and quickly suppressed any and all feelings. Now here he is, present day.


Emotionless and unable to read the air of any situation. Thanks to his power he must experience as much emotion as a brick unless … well … boom. Remind you of anyone? Here’s a hint:


Next up we have Saiki. Sure he may not be suppressing emotions but he shows the true struggle of being overpowered. He literally changed the entire world (down to the DNA of humans) just so he wouldn’t stand out too much.

Trust me when I say … He stood out.

His parents want regular favours, the undesired “friends” start to gravitate towards him but he’s just trying to live in peace. So far he has proven adept at most if not all psychic/superhuman abilities that he manages to keep in perfect control … Well for the most part at least.

With each passing episode we see these characters abilities grow and change with their surrounding and to be honest. I think I’m better off stretching that extra 2 inches for my phone charger than having to put up with the stress of being powerful beyond belief.

On another note both anime are fantastic and I totally recommend you give them both a watch. Leave a comment below or send me a message if you have any questions or responses. That’s all from me.