Amaama to Inazuma. Sigh. I can’t even. This anime centres around a young child and her father who have lost their mother/wife. Kohei Inuzuka is a high school math teacher taking care of his young daughter Tsumugi with the aid of the occasional babysitter. Sadly the Inuzuka-sensei doesn’t have the skill to cook and resorts to convenience store bought meals to feed both him and his daughter. However after one precious (heartbreaking) sentence, he finds a means of getting her a home cooked meal. Not in their home however. In enters Kotori (sweetheart), who offers to cook the occasional meal with her math teacher and his daughter in exchange for their company.

Inuzuka-sensei, Tsumugi and Kotori in their natural state :3

Now I didn’t come here to talk about the entire story. I came here o talk about Tsumugi. This  … child. This innocent specimen of an animated human being somehow has the ability to touch my cold withering heart. She’s so pure and truly just wants the best for those around her (except for that one kid that she curves into eternity lol).

Young Tsumugi Inuzuka a preschooler whose father does his very best to be both mother and father in the absence of his late wife. In response, she touches not only his but the audience’s hearts. She proves to him that he’s doing a wonderful job as a father and appreciates all he does for her. So much so that she even tries to repay him (just a little tidbit but I won’t spoil).

All in all I must say, from the 8 episodes currently aired, Amaama to Inazuma is a wholesome and sweet slice of life that I do absolutely recommend. I’m hoping that they keep this trend up and perhaps by the end of the first season I’ll have enough of a heart to make it through this semester.

Well, that’s it from me. If I’ve made any mistakes please let me know. Leave me a comment or message me. Lates peeps.