And no I don’t mean some stupid perverted question like “if the carpet matches the drapes” (like seriously what is wrong with people?). I’m talking about what it is that makes authors make characters such as Erza Scarlet or Yatorishino Igsem or Shana and make them just … so … BADASS!!! I mean really, it might be a tad cliche with the sad backstory that led them to becoming the top tier fighter that they are.


But who the hell am I to complain in the face of such brilliance???

Erza Scarlet (Heaven’s wheel armour) [Fairy Tail]
Yatorishino Igsem (bout to rek some poor soul) [Nejimaki Seirei Senki Tenkyou no Alderamin]
But surely these characters don’t only bring sadness and violence to the story. They bring depth, backstory, interest, change. I don’t know why writers are so inclined to give these characters so much personality but whatever it is, it’s a wonderful thing they’re doing and I fully support it. These red-headed character bring the fire to the story in only a way they can and for that we say “END HIM!!!!!” …  I mean “thank you,”  and keep bringing these strong characters that show us that it’s possible to overcome and fight for what we believe in.

And to all the red heads out there if someone asks you that oh so obnoxious question, “does the carpet match the drapes,” just reply, “No, I dyed it with the blood of the last person who asked that question,” and give a little wink before walking away like a boss.