Now I dunno about you but I’m a 90’skid and I’ll always profess my love for the cartoons of my era. However I will also be the first to admit that some of the cartoons produced today are actually quite entertaining and contain a certain level of depth I can appreciate. Teaching children, not only about ABC’s and colours tossed with a bit of comedy, but about how important it is to face themselves, apologize, tell the truth etc. Now, before I get into that I’ll get to the meaning behind my title. Some of the cartoons that contain these amazing concepts, in my opinion, started out as the most uninteresting, mind numbing shows I’ve ever encountered. The examples I’m about to use are from the station Cartoon Network as I found them to be the ones that most matched this particular description.

Adventure Time


Yes, yes, I know, I know but hang on. When I had first watched this series I was so uninterested. The characters were vibrant, new and interesting but just not interesting enough. I tossed it aside. But it was perhaps a few months later when my friends were getting a bit hype about it that I had to take a second look. IT. GOT. GOOD. There was plot, background, twists. I wasn’t prepared. I must admit, however, that I still have not taken the time to truly watch and appreciate it and for that I apologize.

Steven Universe


I watch it. It’s great honestly. It does so much… But it didn’t start off so hot in my opinion. Steven Universe gradually built up over time from a regular everyday cartoon, to something more. So much more. We see Steven grow and develop but the writers don’t stop there. No. They develop the other characters along the way, from the changes in the attitudes of the gems (Garnet, Amethyst [Ruby and Sapphire], Pearl, Peridot, Lapis) to the overall growth of several humans, like Greg Universe and Connie Maheswaran. This series teaches its viewers moral and values that are necessary and as much as this cartoon is about the supernatural, it is truly, TRULY, human.

Both these series started plain and didn’t stick out in any way, shape or form. Both these series evolved into something I never expected to come from a common everyday, cartoon. Both these series are fantastic and worth the time and effort it would take to watch every episode released thus far. That’s my take on it at least and I stand by it.