Now I know that the anime industry caters to many different walks of life but I just want to take a moment. I’m currently watching  the first season of the anime Hatsukoi Monster (First Love Monster) and… well … WHAT??? This definitely is a monster of sorts. Something from the strangest of nightmares.


Kaho Nikaido, a young lady who has been pampered all her life, decides to take a step in the right direction and find herself independence. Upon arrival to her new home, a touch of misfortune occurs, resulting in her almost being hit by a speeding vehicle. In comes Kanade Takahashi to save her life, after which Kaho seems a tad pessimistic. To this Kanade responds by yelling at her to cherish herself. Being as spoilt as she was, Kaho has never had anyone actually yell at her before. This makes her fall for the stunning Prince Charming, however he has a secret and asks her to wait until the morning to know if she’ll truly be willing to fall for him.

The secret??? Are you ready??? Kanade is in the 5th grade!!!


Yes ladies and gents, this fully grown, teenage-looking, child is only a 5th grader.


But here’s the catch … Kaho, a high-school student, has accepted the fact that her knight in shining armour is a child, despite his appearance, and has also decided to pursue a relationship with him.

Now this is what I feel the need to address. Throughout this anime, we see Kaho taking this relationship quite seriously, whereas Kanade takes this relationship only as seriously as a child could. This has caused Kaho quite the deal of heartache … but why? Why is this teenage girl pursuing a relationship with a child? Why does she expect so much of this relationship when it is quite clear that Kanade is not as emotionally or mentally mature as she is? Why? And to top it all off, all those around them, save for Kanade’s father, allow this to continue, though not all allow it peacefully.

255bhorriblesubs255d2bhatsukoi2bmonster2b-2b022b255b480p255d-mkv_001118312Atsushi Taga has no problem calling out our “heroine” on her strange relationship. He actively finds every way of finding fault in both her relationship and Kaho as a person. Atsushi seemingly views Kaho as a “garbage woman” and is always there to catch her at her most vulnerable moments, however, due to his persistence it also appears that he harbours feelings for her. Personally I find Taga to be rather two-faced, as he spurs Kanade on and encourages him and his relationship but on the other end he demeans Kaho and her relationship.

This 12 episode anime is coming to its end for the season and I’m interested in how this will end. Will Atsushi stop being cruel and get the girl (or stay cruel and still get her)? Will Kanade keep his high school girlfriend? Will Kaho ever realise that her relationship with a 5th grader is ridiculous? Find out next time on First Love Monster!!