Zodiac by Romina Russell is an enthralling novel that takes place in a galaxy based on the 12 Zodiac signs. However, something seems amiss in the stars.

Rhoma Grace, an average Cancrian, just like all the rest, is an Acolyte at the Cancrian Academy on Elara, one of Cancer’s moons. As part of her curriculum she must read the stars to predict the future. Upon doing this she notices something amiss in the stars but of course, as she is only a defiant child, no one takes her prediction seriously. She really couldn’t care less … that is … until her prediction comes through. A violent blast strikes the moons of Cancer, devastating the entire constellation.

Rho is thrown into the adventure of a lifetime as she is named the new leader of her house. She makes it her duty to warn as many as possible of the real threat. Of course her age and experience cause several bumps on her way to save her galaxy. The 13th constellation is returning. Ophiuchus is coming. And Rho is the only one who knows. It is up to her to save as many lives as possible from this once mythical threat.

After reading Zodiac, I am looking forward to the rest of the rest of the series and I’m hoping that Romina Russell can continue to deliver the drama, depth, action and change she brings to us with her first book.