One of the most intense feelings ever. The adrenaline, the anxiety before, the relief after and then more anxiety to know how well you did. It’s not taken as seriously as it should be but damn if cheerleading isn’t one of the best and greatest sports (yes it is a sport) out there. And I’m so very please that we finally have an anime dedicated not only to cheerleading but MALE cheerleading. Cheerleading has always been misconstrued as just a female “activity” just to cheer the “bigger better sports” on. But ladies and gents that is far from the case. Cheerleaders come in all sizes shapes AND genders.


Cheer Danshi is an anime centred around university boys trying to make it as and all male college cheerleading team. Throughout this anime we see all members of this team grow not just by increasing their skill set in the sport but also as people. Each character has their own life, and their own obstacles to overcome. Their coach helped this process by giving them all diaries, with a main goal already written on the first page, for them to track their own progress. (I find this idea to be absolutely phenomenal because it shows that the coach understands and cares about her team not just on the mat, but off too) This anime shows the true struggle of being a cheerleader from mastering and advancing in stunts and jumps to getting over the fears of tumbling.

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All of this for the creation of the best routine, the best two minutes and thirty seconds, you can do and showing it off to anyone who would watch.

This anime resonates with me being a past male cheerleader myself and it has done a fantastic job of representing the sport. I do hope they continue with this or another series representing cheer in such a positive light.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. School and other such responsibilities. Will try my best to keep up. Till then keep dry.