Ever had a crush on someone? Ever had a crush on someone you know won’t feel the same? Ever decided to date someone who is also on one end of a one sided crush just to satisfy your need for love and affection? Can’t relate? That’s fine Hanabi and Mugi of the anime Kuzu no Honkai or Scum’s Wish can and they’re dating … kinda.


Hanabi Yasuraoka is in love with her older childhood friend, Narumi Kanai, who became her high school teacher. Likewise, Mugi Awaya is in love with a senior he couldn’t confess to in middle school who returns as a music teacher at his high school, Akane Minigawa. Hanabi and Mugi decide to satisfy each other in place of the loves that neither of them can attain.




You thought this was going to be some same old heterosexual pathetic story of sad horny teenagers. Nope!!! Sanae Ebato, Hanabi’s classmate and friend is in love with her and she’ll gladly play second fiddle as long as she gets to have some fireworks in her life (if you get this pun, I’m sorry but I absolutely had to). The love *insert whatever shape this mess takes here* doesn’t stop there. Mugi also has someone that would take all the flack in the world just to be a part of his life. In runs the stuck up Noriko Kamomebata to complete the clusterfuck.


All in all Scum’s Wish is a very interesting and realistic anime that takes several perspectives and thoughts that pass through the mind of today’s teenagers. It’s very relatable and worthy of every episode it gets. Or at least I think so but hey that’s my opinion. Give it a watch yourself.


Peace out famalam!!!