Now I’m not usually a fan of the yuri or mecha genres but Cross Ange was absolutely brilliant. Set in a future where humans now have mana (the light of mana), which allows them to do anything from menial tasks such as carrying baggage, to something as major as operating machinery. Everything was fantastic in this new world … well fantastic for hose who had mana. A stray recessive gene that can only be found in females allows for some girls to born without the ability to use the light of mana. These girls are thought to be monsters who reject the world and its norms and are often taken from their parents from as early as birth and sent away to some far off place never to be heard from again.

There’s so much more that happens in this series but what really caught my eye was the strong hit from reality that was brought across in a new way. Oppression and discrimination are two HUGE themes in the anime that were pulled off so well. One genetic difference, that’s all it ever takes. One little thing to make this one thing not like the others. These girls never asked to be born into this world and yet the moment they are and just so happen to be ever so slightly different from the rest of the population, they are immediately discriminated against and treated as lesser beings. They are subjected to abuse both emotionally and especially physically.


This theme rings home as this is something that we as humans deal with in today’s world quite frequently. Whether it be skin colour or even just something as minor as a facial feature or the way we speak people will discriminate and abuse you for no reason beyond the fact that you were different.

Cross Ange had a lot more going for it than just this but I just felt the need to highlight this particular thing that resonated with me. Thanks for giving this a read and hope your day is great.

Peace out!!